Sunday, February 21, 2016

When I tell him I love him

He does this thing, 
the man I want to live for. 
The extraordinary man I want to share 
all my lives with. 
When I tell him I love him. 
When I trust my heart enough to
scream it. 
He walks away.
He walks toward the silence of the mind.
He lives in a place inside himself I'm not allowed into for as long as six months. 
As if six months would change it somehow. 
As if I were sick and just needed time to recover. 
He does this thing,  
the bearer of my dreams. 
He cuts communication. 
In a way I feel guilty for saying it out loud. 
I love you. 
I love you. 
Even knowing love is
the one thing no one should ever be ashamed of.

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