Sunday, November 16, 2014


You unearth my flaws
like one digs the shore
for sea shells.

They take so much space
I lose my place inside you
for 6 months every year.

You do your stuff,
you walk your path,
you work out your issues
never letting them become ours.

This is how you've been
taught to believe yourself flawless.


  1. I love the ending. I think relationships only work when their is a mutual recognition of each other's flaws. You factor that in, and decide your love for this person is greater than his/her shortcomings.

  2. Between your poem and Tim's comment, I am quite blown away. Relationships have such an impact on self-image - that make or break, sometimes happening at the same time. Why do we persist?

  3. Excellent work. I believe that this is how many relationships go on. It's a sad thing, really.

  4. never letting them become ours... a one sided love affair is not love. Wonderful poem

  5. Funny how we don't see the mote in our own eye ....

  6. The self-contained can certainly border on the smug! Your poem has a bit of a surprise there at the end, that really also feels terribly right. Very succinct, biting, human. Kenia--I do not know that I got the postcard. I have been away from home a great deal and other people get my mail--not always in the most organized way--was it sent? Can it be scanned? I'm sorry--I just haven't found it. I am traveling again tomorrow for a few days but then will be back. Let me know. k.

  7. i sense that he could make ample use of that shovel to clear up his own.... stuff.... ~

  8. A relationship has to be built on knowing each other's flaws but choosing to focus on the good stuff. Trying to hide those flaws makes everything much more difficult.