Sunday, November 24, 2013

Novikov Principle

There must be a trick
to prevent your bones from being smashed,
your heart from being dissolved,
when going through a wormhole.

It's all of a sudden,
I'm whole again.
All of a sudden,
back to the last time
we saw each other.

Because I know now you won't say goodbye,
I know  now you'll make yourself unreachable,
I know now you'll always come into town
on a tight schedule for the next five months
(or years),

I see you.
For the last time.

There must be a trick.
I haven't been taught it.

(Shared with Poets United)


  1. It is hard when things are so uncertain, when people seem to move in and out of one's life....on some kind of schedule...and never stay.

  2. Your poem makes me wonder whether we should learn tricks or whether the others should be more respectful in the way they handle relationships.

  3. A sad poem, yet so beautifully written...

  4. You have captured it, the elusive person's distracted too-busy-ness, the one who cares feeling like her heart is being squeezed through a wormhole. Sadly, only going through this teaches us how, and it tends to hurt a lot.

  5. The trick I learned is to let go of those elusive guys ... permanently. Smiles :)

  6. if you find the trick, let me know :)

  7. A brutal yet splendid opening verse!

    Some situations are definitely like being, all the way, all the way crushed...

  8. Such a cosmic metaphor for the immensity of human love and longing.. oh I felt it in my bones.

  9. If there is a trick, I would like it too--or maybe not--maybe that infinite return and the pain is how I know I am alive?

  10. Freaking wormholes! I can get lost in thought and analysis regarding these wondrous, time-traveling vehicles. Your use of them in relation to a relationship is fabulous. Oh... maybe that's another word for wormhole... relation-ship. ;-)

  11. the theme of this is striking... to be put on hold...or kept on the outer edges is a hard part to play... and is one I am familiar with in past times...