Saturday, January 10, 2015

Strangers VII

(Sometimes they will come and stay for hours.
Sometimes I will never know their names.)

Dear Stranger,

You have officially looked inside me
longer than anyone else has,
unfortunately there isn't a prize for first place

or any other after that,
but some people get to hear me laugh,
some people will have me 24-7 on Whatsapp.

Others will know I am writing 
for and because of them -
trust me, these things can be really scary. 


  1. Ah.. There are stalkers out there... Hope they leave you alone (no stranger)

  2. Those first three lines are classic, Kenia! Who knows what may motivate some people's curiosity...

  3. There are a lot of stalkers out there that we can't even see. It is a strange strange world indeed.