Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rainy mood

:: The rain - TB

The rain
washes away the pain
for at least another day.

She forgets where it came from
or was going to.

The rain
funnels the way flowing
all the way down the drain

into the undergrowth.

(Rainy days make me the happiest)


 - It rained 60% less in Brazil last year and we started 2015 at risk of electricity rationing and drinking-water shortages. The measures to conserve water always come too little, too late.
- The rain is in Kensi 'n' Tom's fifth EP - Exposed to the elements. You can listen to the other songs by clicking here


  1. This is really pretty.

  2. This feels very happy. You and Tom are producing very fine work.

  3. What a positive outlook for a rainy day. Good for you :)

  4. It made me totally sad when I read that even the big Rio São Francisco has turned into a rivulet. A beautiful poem.