Saturday, December 27, 2014

From the very best

I've learned from the very best -
a crooked angel who smelled like rain:
to love people whether or not I could touch them,
to believe them real beyond the physical world.
This is how I stand before you.

Even when before doesn't mean
I can read the future from
your quiet green eyes,
even when it's unlikely I will
ever have your hand in mine.

Even then.

I've learned from the very best -
a young restless lad with a trumpet:
to push away people I might hurt,
to look the other way as they part.
They don't know it at the time.

That I step inside myself for periods
as long as six months.
It doesn't mean I didn't think of you
every single day, because I did, or that
I stopped listening to your voice on my mind.

Because I didn't.

Then I taught myself to apologize,
to go back and make amends.
I'm learning it from the very best -
the only unknown soldier I know:
to build dreams from laughs.


  1. Kenia! This has to be my very favourite of yours EVER! Or at least on your Exercise in Existing blog.
    What fine work to end a year on. Your spirit speaks to mine in every line, and tells me of your generous loving nature and your ability to sustain love and, most importantly, to forgive.

    You have been such an inspiration to me throughout the years I have had the privilege to read your work.

    1. Kerry! Thank you muchly for you support and friendship, I'm touched by your comment and always happy to hear you relate to what I'm trying to say. Sometimes I think not many people can, but you've been by my side through dreams and nightmares, through memories of love and pain, through depictions of hope and despair watching lovingly as I stood up every time after a fall - always a helping hand, always an encouraging word, always the very best part your heart. I'm so thankful for that. <3

      *she ends with a kiss*

  2. they don't know it at the time

    is such a sad line, self-sacrifice, but also kindness. ~